This blog aims to fill a gap for the web analytics community: it gives web developers everything they need to know about implementing Adobe Analytics (and possibly web analytics tools in general).

So who are we to tell you how to develop? Or rather who am I?

May day job at Adobe is to help customers better understand web analytics in general and Adobe Analytics specifically. I run a lot of workshops, explaining marketers what they can (and should) do and technical people how to do it.

Jan Exner – Consultant and member of the Multi-Solutions Group at Adobe

Jan used to be a C and Java developer in a former life. While he has definitely moved on and you clearly would not want to see any code he writes these days, he is still a terrible nit-pick, which we guess qualifies him to write for a technical audience.

I hope you get something out of this blog!

If you would like to support me and this blog, feel free to take a look at my Amazon wish list. Surprise me!

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