Extensions for Launch

[logo]Launch, by Adobe, the designated successor for Dynamic Tag Management (DTM), comes with the concept of Extensions.

Extensions can be added to a Property in Launch. They usually provide new functionality, such as Event Types (new things that trigger Rules), Condition Types (new things that can decide whether a Rule should really fire), Data Element Types (new things that can get data from somewhere), and Action Types (new things that Launch can do in Rules).

I am a huge fan (well), and I have written some Extensions since Launch went live.

Some of them are already available in Launch, and you can check the source code on Github, too.

Extensions for Launch, by Adobe

Time and Scroll Event

Built as a reply to Simo Ahava’s Fire GTM Tag Upon Scroll Depth And Time Spent article, this Extension provides a configurable Event Type that can detect scrolling after a certain time.

Blog article: Fire Launch Rule Upon Scroll Depth And Time Spent

Status: in production (v1.3.4)

Links: Sources

Constant Data Element

Provides a Data Element Type that allows you to define constant.

Ideal for Report Suite IDs, Tracking Server, and other items that are used throughout your Property.

Status: in production (v1.0.3)

Links: Sources, review by Jim Gordon

Context Data Tools

Provides tools for tracking contextData into Analytics.

Status: in production (v1.2.0)

Links: Sources

Track all Hits for Pathing

Provides an Action Type that, if used on a page, will add information to all Analytics tracking calls for pathing.

Status: in production (v1.2.2)

Links: Sources

Extensions in Development

Content Consumption Events

Provides multiple Event Types, such as “Scroll 50%”. Rules using those Events should be able to fire on the actual consumption of content.

Status: in development

Links: Sources

Throttle Condition

Provides a Condition Type that helps setting upper limit on the number of Analytics tracking calls per visitor, such as per time period.

Status: in development

Links: Sources

Global Level Condition

Provides a bunch of Conditions that check against a globally defined level of any sort. The Conditions are things like “Above Level 2”, “Equals Level 1” or “Below Level 5”. The Level can be defined in the Extension configuration, making the setup of Conditions within Rules a lot quicker and easier.

Status: in development

Links: Sources


Feel free to send me any suggestions or comments, pull requests, or flowers (US, UK, or DE). Fork the code, and build on it, if you have ideas. Feel free to upload your work as a private Extension, but if you dare, publish it for us all!