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Tracking 404 Error Pages

There are tools out there that find bogus links on your site, and some even try to find links outside your site that point to nirvana. But your friendly marketer likely wants to have better data than that, so she

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Debugging 2017.02

It has been almost 3 years since I wrote my article on debugging. I read through it the other day, and couldn’t help but notice that my workflow has indeed changed. Time for a new article! I’ll stick with client-side

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DTM – How to Amend an Existing Analytics Setup

(Let me state right here at the beginning that judging by the feedback I got from my beta testers editors, this article may not be for the faint of heart. If you think Javascript should be treated with respect, you

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The s_code.js File – Where is it now?

Sometimes, I get narcissistic. I log into Analytics and go through the numbers, for no other reasons than wanting to see whether they have gone up again. Then I am pleased. For about a year or so, I have always seen

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“Data Layer on the fly”

If you have ever worked with a marketer who listens to what’s fashionable, or if you read any digital marketing related blogs, you have heard of the concept of the Data Layer. It is a construct belonging onto each of

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Content as Ecommerce

In December, Simo Ahava posted an article where he explained how using concepts from ecommerce and implementing those on his blog helped him gain new insight. A brilliant article which I suggest you read. I’ll wait. Read it? Looks good,

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The Visitor ID Service

What I write about mostly on this blog has to do with analytics, specifically Adobe Analytics, fka SiteCatalyst. But this is just one in the large collection of tools your friendly marketer uses to do her job. Analytics allow her to

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How to Use Merchandising Variables

Merchandising variables are a special feature of Adobe Analytics. The Reference page in the help section says “Merchandising variables let you configure an eVar to hold multiple values.” To be precise: a Merchandising eVar can hold one value per product.

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Cross-Device Linking – what Adam said

Last week, Adam Greco wrote his excellent article called Linking Authenticated Visitors Across Devices, which is the first really good and complete description I have seen of how to tackle “the cross-device issue”. In short, people are using more than

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Know Your Version

I received a question via Twitter the other day: @jexnerADBE Hello Jan, can you tell from looking at the source code for SC which version of SC a site is on?…Thank you! That is a really good question! Sounds simple

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