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Don’t track New/Repeat Visitors!

In a rare case of development on my part, I am today going to tell you to not follow the advice in an article I wrote some time ago. I’m talking about Plugins: New/Repeat vs VisitNum. At the time I

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Debugging 2017.02

It has been almost 3 years since I wrote my article on debugging. I read through it the other day, and couldn’t help but notice that my workflow has indeed changed. Time for a new article! I’ll stick with client-side

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Tracking Versions

I have seen a lot of different people do the same thing: track some sort of a version of their tracking setup. It makes sense, because it allows you to track down bad choices in your tracking. Questions like “so

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Measuring Time on Last Pages

Your web site might not sell anything. Instead, your friendly marketer might look at the time that visitors spend on the content. Let’s not discuss how accurate or useful that metric is. Someone else has likely discussed this with your

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Setting up for using the Reporting API

The recent article on how to set up a test platform was a success, so I have decided to listen to a suggestion by Mitchell and write a similar article about enabling your friendly marketer to play with the Reporting

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Charles’ “Replace” is a Winner!


Remember when I wrote an Ode to Charles & Map Local? At the time, I wasn’t using DTM a lot. Map Local was the top feature I needed, allowing me to test changes I made to an s_code.js file on

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Quick Tip – Debug server-side manipulations of the tracking call

I guess this post is pretty specific. It might have a target audience of a dozen or so. I hope the rest of you forgive me, but keep on reading, you might need this one day! Setup At a Swiss

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How to monitor campaign performance in the Real-Time reports


Everybody who ever pays for traffic should be using campaign tracking! How else will you ever find out whether you spend your money wisely? But how about monitoring a campaign in real time? Well, Analytics has “Real-Time” — three “reports”

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DTM – How to Amend an Existing Analytics Setup

(Let me state right here at the beginning that judging by the feedback I got from my beta testers editors, this article may not be for the faint of heart. If you think Javascript should be treated with respect, you

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DTM – find the rule that does …

Yet another article about DTM… I guess by now I can’t even get away with calling it a “mini series” anymore, can I?! Today, I want to share a tip that came in handy a couple of weeks ago while

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