Test-driven & agile Analytics revisited

In 2014, I went to Berlin to attend “Digital Analytics Hub”, probably the best “conference” in our business. DA Hub evolved out of Gary Angel‘s Xchange. You sit in small groups of people with one discussion leader, and you speak

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Setting up for using the Reporting API

The recent article on how to set up a test platform was a success, so I have decided to listen to a suggestion by Mitchell and write a similar article about enabling your friendly marketer to play with the Reporting

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Tracking Single-page Applications

or: why AngularJS makes our lives harder Single-page applications are web sites that “live on a single page”, i.e. when the visitor clicks anything, the browser will not load a new page (as it usually would). Instead, it will modify

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Wanna test? Here’s how


[2016-06-12 – update – changed github repo] I have been writing about testing for some time now. I have even spoken about it at the EMEA Adobe Summit! So this week, for the first time since starting this blog, let

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My Summit session now viewable online

This is not technically a post, but May is a month with 5 Tuesdays, so: If you weren’t able to come to Summit, or just missed the session, I’m happy to announce that you can now see Craig Scribner and

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Charles’ “Replace” is a Winner!


Remember when I wrote an Ode to Charles & Map Local? At the time, I wasn’t using DTM a lot. Map Local was the top feature I needed, allowing me to test changes I made to an s_code.js file on

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DTM – Data Elements that persist

Who here can explain to me what exactly it means to set the “Remember this value for” setting of a Data Element in DTM to anything else but “Page View”? I can confidently tell you that right now, I have

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Quick Tip – Debug server-side manipulations of the tracking call

I guess this post is pretty specific. It might have a target audience of a dozen or so. I hope the rest of you forgive me, but keep on reading, you might need this one day! Setup At a Swiss

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When exactly does doPlugins run?

In a meeting a couple of months ago, André Urban (a seasoned colleague of mine) and I got into a sudden and unexpected argument about when exactly s.doPlugins is called. I was convinced it was called as a result of calling

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Come see me at the US Summit

I have been invited to present at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas this year! I’m chuffed to bits! The session is called “L302”, or for us humans, “Integrate AEM with Analytics, Target and DTM”. My colleague Alexander Saar and

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