Always deploy DTM production libraries

No beating about the bush this time, I'll just spit out what I have to say: There is no reason to embed DTM staging libraries anywhere, like, ever! I don't actually think this is controversial, more of an example of what I heard a colleague say the other day: "common sense" and "common practice" are …

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Dynamic Report Suite ID with DTM

Adobe Analytics has always had a feature that allowed you to dynamically set the Report Suite ID (rsid). It works with a list of domains, matched against the current domain automatically. See dynamic accounts in the Marketing Cloud Help. Nevertheless, traditionally, people have built their own code to set s_account before loading the s_code.js file. …

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When exactly does doPlugins run?

In a meeting a couple of months ago, André Urban (a seasoned colleague of mine) and I got into a sudden and unexpected argument about when exactly s.doPlugins is called. I was convinced it was called as a result of calling either s.t() or, while he says it was also called everytime a visitor clicks …

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