Launch, Events, and EDDL – aka Jim changed my mind

Sometimes I have trouble with the beginning of an article. This is such a case. I have been pondering the best way to use Launch to track visitor activity for some time. You know, visitor clicking stuff, SPAs, things like that. It really boils down to two approaches: Use _satellite.track() and put payload into the … Continue reading Launch, Events, and EDDL – aka Jim changed my mind

Launch – Make an Extension – Principles

I have written a lot about how to make an Extension, including here and here. There are missing pieces, though. If you have looked at the documentation, you will likely have come across the following illustration regarding Extension flow. The flow diagram describes how the different parts of Launch and your Extension work together. Flow … Continue reading Launch – Make an Extension – Principles

Basic Tracking – Remix (contains Launch)

I'm sure you remember the three prior installments of the "Basic Tracking" article series, don't you? Basic Tracking from 2013, about a pure Javascript approach, Basic Tracking - Remix (contains DTM) in 2015, about the more modern tag management approach, and Basic Tracking on AMP Pages in 2018, about the beautifully weird and somewhat limited … Continue reading Basic Tracking – Remix (contains Launch)