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Don’t track New/Repeat Visitors!

In a rare case of development on my part, I am today going to tell you to not follow the advice in an article I wrote some time ago. I’m talking about Plugins: New/Repeat vs VisitNum. At the time I

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Discussion – Customize Analytics in DTM

There is no “standard deployment”. A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with a colleague who hadn’t worked with DTM before. He asked me lots of intelligent questions about his somewhat non-standard requirements, and I replied with what I

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Testing is like an Onion

I have tried to justify my approach to testing for digital marketing a couple of times. Given that tools like ObservePoint or HubScan are available, the fundamental question is: do you need my approach at all? My personal answer to

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Tracking Single-page Applications

or: why AngularJS makes our lives harder Single-page applications are web sites that “live on a single page”, i.e. when the visitor clicks anything, the browser will not load a new page (as it usually would). Instead, it will modify

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Data Layer – Yet Another Reason

If your new year resolutions for this year included “help your friendly marketer be more successful”, I have something for you today. It’s a fairly straight-forward thing to do, but it’ll help her big time: build a proper, solid data

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Agile? Not yet!

I have to make a confession: we’re not ready for agile. I don’t expect anyone to jump up and angrily shout “of course we are! We’re doing agile right now!”, because, frankly, it is not about what we do that

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Plugins: New/Repeat vs VisitNum

Here: I would always use the getVisitNum plugin instead of the getNewRepeat plugin. They have a similar use case. Your friendly marketer will probably compare your new visitors against those who’ve been to the site before. I bet you she

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What does a Digital Analytics department do?

I was going to move on to the next step of my journey, replacing more plugins with Dynamic Tag Management features when I came across and article written by Richard Hayes, that I really want you to read, especially if

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Data Elements vs Data Layer

Have you used a Tag Management system yet? And a Data Layer? Both are good ideas in our business, for a variety of reasons. The one I think is most relevant in this context here is that defining a Data

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TDD for Analytics, please

Let me throw out an idea here. Given that you are a developer, I hope you can a) appreciate the idea and b) help me develop it into something that works. The idea is to use test-driven development for Analytics

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