Analysing Mobile Apps – Prerequisites

This article is part of a mini-series on Analysing Mobile Apps discussing Overview, Prerequisites (this one), Coding, Debugging, and Analysis of mobile apps. Today I walk you through the setup. You will need to install some things, check that you can log into Adobe Analytics ("the mobile way") and figure out where your tracking will go. … Continue reading Analysing Mobile Apps – Prerequisites

Analysing Mobile Apps – Overview

This month I'd like to present a mini-series about tracking and analysing mobile apps. This mini-series should give you everything you need if your job requires you to analyse your mobile apps. Some parts are relevant for the business (the friendly marketer as well as product management), some are downright for the developer who builds … Continue reading Analysing Mobile Apps – Overview

2 Good Reasons to use Context Data

My colleague Carl Sandquist recently wrote "Although you may get a bit teary-eyed bid­ding farewell to expound­ing on the dif­fer­ences of eVars and props to your devel­op­ers, we’re sure you’ll even­tu­ally get over it." He's obviously right about this: developers will shed no tears if they never have to see props or eVars ever again. … Continue reading 2 Good Reasons to use Context Data

Migrating from H-code to AppMeasurement

In May 2013, the Adobe analytics product team released a new Javascript library, no longer called "H.xx.y" but "AppMeasurement for JavaScript". The main selling points for this new lib are it's speed (3 – 5 times faster than H.25), size (8k compressed, compared to 13k for H.25) and native support for some of the most … Continue reading Migrating from H-code to AppMeasurement