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Discussion – Customize Analytics in DTM

There is no “standard deployment”. A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with a colleague who hadn’t worked with DTM before. He asked me lots of intelligent questions about his somewhat non-standard requirements, and I replied with what I

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SPAs, DTM, and clearVars

For some reason, I see a lot of SPAs right now, some of them actually embedded into otherwise harmless and perfectly likable web sites. I guess they’re not going to go away anytime soon. This article is part of my

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TDD and Adobe Analytics

Some time ago I wrote an article in which I dreamt of having some sort of test-driven development capability in online marketing tools. At the time, I said the vendors had to chime in, building hooks, frameworks or APIs into

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The s_code.js File – Where is it now?

Sometimes, I get narcissistic. I log into Analytics and go through the numbers, for no other reasons than wanting to see whether they have gone up again. Then I am pleased. For about a year or so, I have always seen

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Delayed Page Load Tracking with DTM

This article is dedicated to my father, Gerhard Exner, who passed away much too early 6 years ago. It would have been his 74th birthday today. I want to pick up where I left off last week and describe how

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DTM Property – Report Suite – Staging/Production

Most developers who work with web sites are working on multiple environments. You’d at least have a development and production environment. Web analytics is no different, we also have different environments. We have different environments in different areas, actually, to

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Quick Tip: Delayed Tracking with DTM

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you need to track something outside the normal way. Examples can be when you want to track data that is not available directly on page load, such as product availability. Easy: use

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“Data Layer on the fly”

If you have ever worked with a marketer who listens to what’s fashionable, or if you read any digital marketing related blogs, you have heard of the concept of the Data Layer. It is a construct belonging onto each of

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SAINT Classifications – the Most Used Feature

Product Manager John Bates told the audience at the marketing Summit in Utah in March 2014 that Classifications is the most used feature in Adobe Analytics. I am not surprised. One reason is that Classifications allow you to aggregate data.

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Making Reports

Sometimes the forest is so overwhelming that you don’t see the trees. Or the other way round. I was discussing DTM and Analytics with a non-analytics colleague yesterday. He is a developer who works on AEM, Adobe’s experience management framework.

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