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Automating Tests

I feel like a fraud! For months — no! Years! — I have been writing about testing, more specifically automated testing. I have shared my Site Infrastructure Tests github, I have spoken about it at the Adobe Summit in London,

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What to Test

I think we can safely say that I have thoroughly gutted DTM by now, and that whatever else I unearth from it now won’t be a pretty sight. That must mean it is time to stop writing about integration, code,

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TDD – Testing Data Elements and Page Load Rules – part II

Very unlike me, I’m posting the next part just the next day. Call it excitement. Introduction tl;dr: I describe a (rudimentary) tool that can be integrated into automated Maven tests. The tool tests that all data needed for tracking as well

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TDD and Adobe Analytics

Some time ago I wrote an article in which I dreamt of having some sort of test-driven development capability in online marketing tools. At the time, I said the vendors had to chime in, building hooks, frameworks or APIs into

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