At the Oscars

Happy Birthday

Early last year, while discussing Context Data with a web developer (which in turn led to me explaining “variables” in Adobe Analytics in general), I realised that while there is a lot of really helpful content out there for users, some of the concepts needed explaining.

On March 4th, went live to address that gap.

Exactly 1 year and 56 posts later, I wanted to thank you, dear reader.



I have learned a lot during this year, both technically and in terms of writing articles.

The whole undertaking obviously builds on knowledge that other people share(d), so I’d like to list some of you who have made contributions. If you feel you should be on this list, please do not be angry. Just let me know and I’ll include you.

First of all, my colleague Sarosh Elahi has been a big help during the early stages of finding ideas and condensing them into something useful.

The colleagues behind the help section have over the last few years made a big effort and the help is now a very useful tool!

My co-workers have helped me in countless ways, both in the early days (anyone remember “Omniture”?) and later. The discussions on our internal lists as well as in person and on the phone have helped clarify a lot of things, and they have often helped me understand how things work.

A special mention for the product team (Bret, Ben and the others). You are driving this thing. You have provided so much information, thanks for that. And you are also building and changing it further and therefore making sure that there will always be things to blog about.

All the developers out there who have asked me questions — you have been the reason and inspiration behind this. You have also provided me with a steady stream of topics. Keep on implementing and keep on asking questions!

And last but in no way least, I’d like to thank Adam Greco for being Adam Greco, really. He really is “the world’s authority on the implementation and use of Adobe Analytics” and his ability to explain things is a true gift which benefits the whole profession.

Onwards and Upwards

I am pretty chuffed with how it has gone so far. This is not a big blog, it has no big marketing department pushing it, it is basically content.

1 Year on Webanalytics for Developers
It has been fun so far, seeing which topics worked and didn’t work. Seeing you comment and add knowledge. Reading the emails some of you wrote and discussing topics further.

I’m sure it’ll be fun this year as well, at least for me 😉

So let me thank you again for your support and I very much hope we’ll continue this and make it even more useful!


3 thoughts on “At the Oscars

  1. Hi Jan,
    thx a lot for you time and effort writing this ‘thing’ if you don’t want to say ‘blog’ 😉 You and your people have my respect because this is not a blog blog and because it has no big marketing department pushing it! You’ve it because it is basically content 😉



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