Come see me at the Adobe Summit in London

If you are at the Adobe Summit at the London ExCel tomorrow or on Thursday, how about you come see me present?


I will be hosting Lab session TL08 – Working with the Adobe Analytics Live Stream API in room CS12 at 16:40

We’ll code in Java or Ruby, trying to get data out of the analytics Live Stream and experiment with it a little bit.


I’ll be on stage with Bret Gundersen in session MA05 – Unveiling Derived Metrics in room CS17 at 12:00

We will introduce a new feature that transforms calculated metrics into an impressively useful tool.

I will also serve as a lab assistant for lab session TL18 – Adobe Target Premium: A/B testing, automated personalisation and recommendations in room CS12 at 15:05

In between sessions, you might also find me at the Adobe stand.

See you, and have fun!


German expat living in Switzerland (formerly UK and France). Consultant and member of the Multi-Solutions Group at Adobe, working with the Digital Marketing Suite. Father of 4 girls.

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2 comments on “Come see me at the Adobe Summit in London
  1. Hi Jan – Wish that I could attend Summit in London but I’ll have to settle for the cliff notes instead:) I noticed that you mentioned you’ll be hosting a session about Adobe Target and I was wondering if you could answer a question about TNT really quick?

    Is the old style of integrating TNT with Adobe Analytics supported using AppMeasurement.js? I swear I’ve heard the answer is yes but I’m not able to get it working.


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