Quick Tip – Experience Cloud direct URLs

I’m at Summit in Las Vegas this week, but the little robots behind this blog will post this anyway. And if you want to meet, let me know!

The quick tip today is indeed a very quick quick tip.

Just one sentence, really:

You can access some of the solutions in the Experience Cloud directly!

Try appending “/analytics”, “/target”, or “/activation” to your “marketing.adobe.com” URL and prepare to be wowed!

For me, these work:


Nice, isn’t it? Nice bookmarks, less clicking.

3 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Experience Cloud direct URLs

  1. Next level tip: You can use Chrome “Search Engines” to quickly jump between accounts. For instance, for Analytics, I use keyword “aa” and then the client code.

    The keyword then triggers the Query URL: https://%s.marketing.adobe.com/analytics and replaces %s with my client code. Thus “aa ags306” will auto log me into ags306.marketing.adobe.com/analytics. Super useful for managing dozens of clients.

    See: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95426

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