2018 for Developers

It has been a fun year. Launch came in with a bang, and the “Make an Extension” series was a nice frame for 2018.

Overall, the year was slightly less technical than usual, I’d say.

Articles like A Standard Data Model for Requirements, When concrete meets water, or The Era of Server-side Everything were not directly about the details of the technologies.

I would guess that 2018 saw the last article explicitly about DTM: The Mechanics of Loading Analytics Code with DTM.

It was an interesting experience getting to know AMP and how to track it. But in the process, I learned a bunch of things about contextData, so it was worth it.

Finally, I started looking at Adobe I/O, the future home of all APIs.


I had three goals for 2018:

  1. Write an article more popular than s_code.js,
  2. write about Launch, and
  3. post more than 24 articles.

Goal 1 I missed by a long shot. That s_code.js overview is still almost twice as popular as the next one, Tracking Links & Actions. And that one is not really new material, either. The first article of 2018 (The Era of server-side Everything) sits in 17th place! Ouch!

I need your help here, folks! Stop reading about s_code, and start reading about modern ways of tracking! Launch’s the word.

Overall traffic went down again, btw, as it had in 2017. But it felt like a more productive and engaged year, so I’m ok with that. I’ll attribute it to better official documentation.

Goal 2, I think, I met.

I posted 29 articles in 2018 (including this one, but not the first), so I crushed goal 3!

A good year!

I hope you liked it, too!

Thanks for your support!

I’ll see you in 2019, and again, the “every 1st and 3rd Tuesday” rule will be broken. I will post on the 8th, the 15th, and possibly the 29th.

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