Basic Tracking – Remix (contains Launch)

I'm sure you remember the three prior installments of the "Basic Tracking" article series, don't you? Basic Tracking from 2013, about a pure Javascript approach, Basic Tracking - Remix (contains DTM) in 2015, about the more modern tag management approach, and Basic Tracking on AMP Pages in 2018, about the beautifully weird and somewhat limited … Continue reading Basic Tracking – Remix (contains Launch)

A Standard Data Model for Requirements

Adam Greco recently wrote three articles about how you can embed business requirements into Adobe Analytics Workspaces ("Adobe Analytics Requirements and SDR in Workspace" I, II, and III) in order to help data consumers understand. His method goes all the way from "this is why we added eVarXY" to "78% of requirements are currently tracked … Continue reading A Standard Data Model for Requirements

Project Management, Development, and Analytics

Note: this article is relevant for you if you have ever, or are likely to participate in a bigger project that includes building the platform as well as deploying Analytics, Target, Audience Management, or similar tools. I think it is relevant for developers as well as project managers. Often, we Analytics people are tasked with … Continue reading Project Management, Development, and Analytics

Using the new Callbacks for Tracking

Sometimes you find surprising little things when you don't expect it. Take this little gem: Since 1.8.0 (released 19/1/17) Added the following pre- and post-tracking call hooks. (AN-134567) s.registerPreTrackCallback s.registerPostTrackCallback These functions take as parameters: the callback (a function), and the parameters to that function. For example: s.registerPreTrackCallback(function(requestUrl,a,b,c) { console.log("pre track callback"); console.dir(requestUrl); // Request … Continue reading Using the new Callbacks for Tracking

Adobe DTM + Adobe Analytics Media Module + YouTube = ❤️

Today, I'm happy to present the first ever guest post on webanalytics for developers! Written by Stefan Schäfer, it deals with DTM, the Media Module, and Youtube video. Have fun! If you use Adobe DTM together with the Adobe Analytics Media Module, and if you can completely rely on autoTrack=true, you're good. But what if you have … Continue reading Adobe DTM + Adobe Analytics Media Module + YouTube = ❤️