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Tracking 404 Error Pages

There are tools out there that find bogus links on your site, and some even try to find links outside your site that point to nirvana. But your friendly marketer likely wants to have better data than that, so she

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Adobe DTM + Adobe Analytics Media Module + YouTube = ❤️

Today, I’m happy to present the first ever guest post on webanalytics for developers! Written by Stefan Schäfer, it deals with DTM, the Media Module, and Youtube video. Have fun! If you use Adobe DTM together with the Adobe Analytics

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Discussion – Customize Analytics in DTM

There is no “standard deployment”. A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with a colleague who hadn’t worked with DTM before. He asked me lots of intelligent questions about his somewhat non-standard requirements, and I replied with what I

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Measuring Time on Last Pages

Your web site might not sell anything. Instead, your friendly marketer might look at the time that visitors spend on the content. Let’s not discuss how accurate or useful that metric is. Someone else has likely discussed this with your

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Data Layer – Yet Another Reason

If your new year resolutions for this year included “help your friendly marketer be more successful”, I have something for you today. It’s a fairly straight-forward thing to do, but it’ll help her big time: build a proper, solid data

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TDD – Testing Data Elements and Page Load Rules – part II

Very unlike me, I’m posting the next part just the next day. Call it excitement. Introduction tl;dr: I describe a (rudimentary) tool that can be integrated into automated Maven tests. The tool tests that all data needed for tracking as well

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TDD – Testing Data Elements and Page Load Rules

From the point of view of IT or development, what your friendly marketer does in her tools really makes no difference, as long as she doesn’t kill the site. But the other way round, she will be very upset if

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What does a Digital Analytics department do?

I was going to move on to the next step of my journey, replacing more plugins with Dynamic Tag Management features when I came across and article written by Richard Hayes, that I really want you to read, especially if

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