Cross-Device Linking – what Adam said

Last week, Adam Greco wrote his excellent article called Linking Authenticated Visitors Across Devices, which is the first really good and complete description I have seen of how to tackle "the cross-device issue". In short, people are using more than one device to interact with your online presence, and because visitor identification is primarily based … Continue reading Cross-Device Linking – what Adam said

Migrating from H-code to AppMeasurement

In May 2013, the Adobe analytics product team released a new Javascript library, no longer called "H.xx.y" but "AppMeasurement for JavaScript". The main selling points for this new lib are it's speed (3 – 5 times faster than H.25), size (8k compressed, compared to 13k for H.25) and native support for some of the most … Continue reading Migrating from H-code to AppMeasurement