2 Good Reasons to use Context Data

My colleague Carl Sandquist recently wrote "Although you may get a bit teary-eyed bid­ding farewell to expound­ing on the dif­fer­ences of eVars and props to your devel­op­ers, we’re sure you’ll even­tu­ally get over it." He's obviously right about this: developers will shed no tears if they never have to see props or eVars ever again. … Continue reading 2 Good Reasons to use Context Data

The s_code.js file – Configuration

The s_code.js file - Configuration This article is part of the mini series about the s_code.js file. You can find the other articles here: Overview Configuration section (this article) The s.doPlugin() callback method Plugins Core Javascript code The Configuration Section The configuration of some of the tracking is defined in the s_code.js file in two … Continue reading The s_code.js file – Configuration