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Don’t track New/Repeat Visitors!

In a rare case of development on my part, I am today going to tell you to not follow the advice in an article I wrote some time ago. I’m talking about Plugins: New/Repeat vs VisitNum. At the time I

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Everything but the TMS


You know what the problem with luxury is? You get used to it. And then it becomes hard to enjoy the little things. I am so used to tag management by now, that when I see how popular the mini-series

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Testing is like an Onion

I have tried to justify my approach to testing for digital marketing a couple of times. Given that tools like ObservePoint or HubScan are available, the fundamental question is: do you need my approach at all? My personal answer to

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My Summit session now viewable online

This is not technically a post, but May is a month with 5 Tuesdays, so: If you weren’t able to come to Summit, or just missed the session, I’m happy to announce that you can now see Craig Scribner and

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Data Layer – Yet Another Reason

If your new year resolutions for this year included “help your friendly marketer be more successful”, I have something for you today. It’s a fairly straight-forward thing to do, but it’ll help her big time: build a proper, solid data

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Basic Tracking – Remix (contains DTM)

In March 2013, I wrote an article on Basic Tracking, showing you the minimal set of code on a page that is needed for tracking the page in Adobe Analytics. We’re in 2015, now, we have DTM, so it is

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DTM Property – Report Suite – Staging/Production

Most developers who work with web sites are working on multiple environments. You’d at least have a development and production environment. Web analytics is no different, we also have different environments. We have different environments in different areas, actually, to

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“Data Layer on the fly”

If you have ever worked with a marketer who listens to what’s fashionable, or if you read any digital marketing related blogs, you have heard of the concept of the Data Layer. It is a construct belonging onto each of

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Data Elements vs Data Layer

Have you used a Tag Management system yet? And a Data Layer? Both are good ideas in our business, for a variety of reasons. The one I think is most relevant in this context here is that defining a Data

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Analysing Mobile Apps – Analysis

Welcome to the last article in the mini series on Mobile App Tracking. If you haven’t yet seen the others, here they are: Overview, Prerequisites, Tagging, Debugging and Analysing (this one). This week (remind me never to post 4 articles

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