Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs – Overview

The world of software is evolving faster than the “real world”, I guess. The good thing about that: you can be sure that as a blogger, you will never run out of ideas and content to write, simply because someone, somewhere else, is making changes.

In my case, it is the end of support for the Mobile SDKs v4.

Only 5 years ago, I wrote a mini series about how to Analyse Mobile Apps, and in October 2020, that mini series will be obsolete. Frankly, it is obsolete right now. Who would tag an app, now, with something that will no longer be supported in a year or so? Nah! And even my comparison of the two worlds is now obsolete, or rather, it was when it went live!

Anyway, long story short: let’s talk about how to instrument an app, using the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs.


The mini-series will be split up into a couple of posts:

We’ll be using the current version of the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs, and I will try to add as many Extension into the app as I can, mainly to show how to use them, and what they can do.

The app itself, again, will do absolutely nothing useful at all.

Examples will be in Java for Android, of course. The documentation is not far away, and it is new and shiny and much easier. And you are (by my very own definition) a developer, so you’re better at this than I am, anyway. I will only show simple examples to help guide you.

Putting more Extensions into the app means that we’ll work with Analytics and Target this time! And some other cool stuff, too!

I have published everything on github, in case you prefer a quick git clone over copy&paste:

And finally, since this article is but a jump-off point, an empty shell, I’ll post the first article of the series in a few moments.

Have fun!

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