Testing with ChromeDriver

Good news, I have changed my testing framework to use ChromeDriver rather than HTMLUnit. HTMLUnit didn’t cut it, and rather than going back to phantomJS — which hasn’t been updated in quite a while — I decided to do the right thing ™.

The only downside: there is currently no way to filter. I know that it is possible to filter with Chrome/ChromeDriver, but I haven’t built it so far. Maybe something to look forward to.

As a result of the change, the deployment instructions have changed. They are still very close to how they were with phantomJS, but instead of phantomJS, you have to install ChromeDriver. Rather than writing three new articles, I decided to go over the old ones and correct them, then list the corrected version here once it is done.

Today, all relevant articles are up to date:

More `genericJavascript` tests

A somewhat counterintuitive result of the way my code builds a test suite is that each test in the list can only be used once in the suite.

If in your JSON test description, you specify “genericJavascript” twice, for example, only the second one will actually happen.

Not good.

So I decided to amend the `genericJavascript` test to accept an array of code snippets, which will each become a test.


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