Quick tip – Launch buildDate and Live Expressions

When you build something in Launch, but browser says no…

This happens to me every now and again: I make some changes in Launch. I build a new Library. I load my page and check … what? why? Shouldn’t it…?

Sometimes, I am too impatient. Sometimes, Launch needs a little bit more time to compile. Sometimes, Akamai needs a moment to deliver my newly-compiled Library.

There is a really easy and visually appealing way to check in any Chromium-based browser, which I would like to share with you.

Live Expressions

Since Chrome 70, the DevTools have a new feature: Live Expressions

These are Javascript snippets that you can sort of “attach” to the Console in Chrome-based browsers. The snippets will be evaluated every 250ms, and the result will be shown right there.

I use Live Expressions for checking what version of my DTM or Launch Library is currently active.

Just copy the following snippet into a Live Expression:

_satellite.buildDate || _satellite.buildInfo

Create Live Expression – Step 1
Create Live Expression – Step 2
Create Live Expression – Step 3, done
Once you’ve typed or copied your snippet, just click somewhere else, and your Live Expression is done.

Go compare!

With that Live Expression in place, it is ridiculously easy to check whether the Library you just built is really the one used when the page loads.

Find Date & Time in Launch
Find Date & Time in Launch, detail
Compare with this value
Note that Launch reports “Zulu” time in _satellite.buildInfo.buildDate, so take into account your time zone offset!

Btw: sometimes, it really is Launch. You can check the “Activation” Core Service on status.adobe.com.

And that’s it, your end of July quick-tip!

6 thoughts on “Quick tip – Launch buildDate and Live Expressions

  1. Thank you for this post. It has happened to me more than once in Adobe Launch and would just be frustrating ,coming from GTM, where changes are immediately reflected in the Preview pane.


  2. I have made a bookmarklet to know which version of library has been loaded on page
    Good part is it gives me time value in timezone and I don’t have to worry about UTC timezone

    javascript: alert((new Date( _satellite.buildInfo.buildDate)).toString())


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