2019 for Developers

Another year done, phew.

I did not set myself any goals this time around, and that was a good thing. At home, we had a slightly difficult year, and as a result, everything was different, slower, scaled down, more restraint.

If I look at my three goals for 2018 (kick that s_code.js article of its pedestal, write about Launch, post more than 24 times), I’d say partial success.

That old article about the s_code.js file is still in the top slot! I’m starting to think that I should modify that page, use it to sell something…

The second most popular article was actually an article written in 2019 (Angular SPA & angulartics2), so I’m good with that, even though it is unlikely that angulartics2 will play a massive role in the future, at least not for me.

I’m really glad to see a guest post in the top 5: Adobe Analytics documentation 2.0 was the 4th most popular article in 2019. It was written by the extremely crafty Urs Boller, who very rightly won the “Top new practitioner” award at the DAA Quanties. Congrats, Urs!

Further down the line, there were articles about Launch Extensions, about Launch load order, and the “No Custom Code” challenge, which has triggered a couple of things in the community, including the amazing The Semantic Implementation by Jim Gordon.

I posted a total of 28 articles, which is cool. Anything above 24 makes me happy. Traffic went down again, so either I have passed the zenith, or there are more good blogs out there. Let’s believe the latter. Or maybe you lovely people prefer reading these on Linkedin. I shall use 2020 to test that assumption.

Traffic has been on the way down since 2016

Do I set any goals for 2020? Probably not. Still a long way to go to be back to normal.

I’m planning to write a new Mobile mini-series, using the new SDKs, plus I think the changes brought by AEP and Experience Edge will be massive, so I’ll cover those.

And if I could finally get that old article off the top…

I wish you all a good time off, and let’s make 2020 better than 2019!

3 thoughts on “2019 for Developers

  1. Hi Jan! Always read your blog but don’t always click through from email. If you want a better measure of readership I suggest only putting part of the article in the emails / linkedin and entice us good people to come to you. 🙂 Happy Holiday’s and keep posting!


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